Mohannad El Jassem

Assistant Manager – Real Estate

Mohannad joined Yafi Capital in May 2017 as our in-house architect. He is focused on providing reporting support to our client teams and executing all our Real Estate data. In his work as our in-house architect, Mohannad will continue to support Client Teams in a variety of ways, including portfolio analysis, autoCAD modeling, client reporting, and data analysis.

After growing up in North Lebanon, Mohannad moved to Saudi Arabia where he worked as an architect in a major contracting firm. Grateful as he was for the experience, Mohannad preferred to submit his energy and resources to his home country. That’s when he joined Yafi Capital, where he so eloquently says that his goal is not to become a successful personality, but “to become a person of value with his team”.

In his free time, Mohannad’s interests are swimming, football, and pizza, not necessarily in that order.