Lina Geadah

Senior Accountant

Lina joined our team in 2015 after more than five years working with a bank in their accounting department crunching numbers in their accounting department. Lina joined Yafi Capital as our Senior Accountant in 2015 where she currently manages the accounts of our entire firm, as well as our multiple sister companies. We’re excited to have her energy, reliable organizational skills, and proactivity to support the work we do with our entire portfolio.

Lina graduated from the American University of Beirut (AUB) with a BA in Public Administration and a minor in Human Resource Management. Although these degrees are not in finance, Lina chose to hone her expertise in accounting due to her love and talent for numbers. Upon joining Yafi Capital, Lina has immediately earned the respect, trust, and appreciation of all those who deal with her as she effortlessly facilitates all financial impactful connections.

Lina appreciates Yafi Capital for our unique family ambiance and the interesting portfolios she’s exposed to. She contributes to our commitment of value addition through great synergy and cooperation.

During her free time, Lina enjoys weekend getaways and craft works. She also loves table tennis, countryside trips, and will gladly join you on long walks, which she considers to be an excellent stress reliever.