Layal Issid

Client Service Consultant – Real Estate

Layal joined our offices in early 2016. She began her career as an analyst. After that, seeking a role where she could have a more significant impact on helping the firm reach its development goals, she moved into her Client Service Consultancy role with YC’s Real Estate group. At Yafi Capital, Layal brings her organizational, problem solving, and execution skills to serve as a Client Service Consultant in the Real Estate sector of the business.

She brings to the team the positive attitude that together we can accomplish anything, especially if we all place team building at the forefront of our endeavors, since that is “the most important key to any success”, as she says.

Layal has a BA in Business and Finance from La Sagesse University. She enjoys reading and traveling to new and inspiring places, extra points if she can locate places that serve her favorite dish, paella.