Farah Kobeissi

Administrative Support

Farah joined the Yafi Capital team in 2015. Building on her background in customer service and administrative support, she brought her incomparable conviviality and relentless focus on perfecting all of Yafi Capital’s operations. Farah enjoys the opportunity to learn about the ever-changing family office landscape in order to provide best-in-class service in all her dealings.

Farah earned her BA in Banking and Finance from theĀ American University of Science and Technology (AUST). When she joined Yafi Capital, she chose to be a personal assistant in order to be more involved with communication and interaction with people as that’s what she feels she’s best at. What she adds to the team is her inherent dynamism and her priceless positive attitude.

While Farah considers Yafi Capital to be her second family, she looks forward to spending time with her own family and her beloved cat over the weekend, where she indulges in her “cheat meals”. These meals come at little to no price as Farah is a lifelong athlete who enjoys all sorts of sports and mostly dancing, her fave stress reliever.