Building upon an invaluable heritage of service

Yafi Capital was founded by Aref El-Yafi (front right) who had promised his father, the late Prime Minister Abdallah El-Yafi (back right), to serve the world through integrous non-political means.

Abdallah El-Yafi was an unprecedented champion of human rights in Lebanese politics, having served as Prime Minister 12 times. He was adamant on instilling a culture of righteous service in his children through “education, honest work, and a good personality.” Aref did just that. A self-made man, Aref proved to be a great commercial and humanitarian talent, and after years of hard work, he established Yafi Capital, now one of the nation’s leading family offices at the forefront of the fight for clean development, sustainability, and technological advancement for all.




Our Team

Aref El Yafi

Founder, Executive Chairman 

Sara El Yafi

Partner, Managing Member

Firas El Yafi

Partner, Managing Member

Mohannad El Jassem

Assistant Manager – Real Estate

Lina Geadah

Senior Accountant

Nayla Hamade

Financial Analyst

Layal Issid

Client Service Consultant – Real Estate

Joumana Kassem

Administration Director 


Farah Kobeissi

Administrative Support 

Badih Leddawi

Office and Formalities Coordinator

Hasan Monzer


Tina Yons

Office support